Peover Golf Club Closed

Peover Golf Club in Cheshire has come up with a radical and unique solution to secure its future – it has permanently closed down its economically unviable golf course.

The extraordinary development means the golf club’s clubhouse will still operate but the venue will no longer be burdened by the economic costs of having a golf course.

Several golf clubs have struggled through the last few years, and many have diversified. However, this is thought to be the first UK case of a golf club entirely transforming into a non-golfing facility without closing down or being placed into administration or entering liquidation.

peover golf

Peover Golf Club

The owners of Peover Golf Club have said the facility will from now on be entirely focused on generating income via weddings and events.

James Naylor said: “Focusing on the weddings and events market represents a significant opportunity for the business and we felt that this was the right time to move forward with our plans to deliver bespoke weddings, parties and events tailored to the needs of our clients.

“We have a strong team in place and work with some excellent local suppliers delivering our clients exactly what they want for their big occasion.

“Our venue remains a thriving and successful business at the heart of the local community with our excellent track record for managing weddings and events.”

While the change has already happened, the club’s website and social media pages state that the venue is called Peover Golf Club – however Naylor added that the closure of the golf course will result in the rebranding of the facility so that it will be called The Oak Tree of Peover.

It is not known what the land that used to be the golf course will become – Peover’s website has pictures of it which promote it as a suitable backdrop for wedding photographs, but with no indication that the land used to be a golf course. The Naylor family have owned the 18-hole course since 1996.


Last edited: 05/07/2021