A Blast From The Past

Email from Sweeney Todd

Hope you and all the members of the society are well and flourishing.
As you are aware I've been doing missionary work in the West Midlands for several years now, but despite my best efforts you still can't get a decent meat and potato pie down here!
Anyway I was back up in pastie heaven at the weekend for a Rugby Club reunion (as usual Joe Dillon was naked at some point) but that's a story for another day!!
Joe told me that the Oakie has dragged itself into the 21st century and they now have a webpage! F**K me (sorry a quote from Swearing made easy penned by your good self!) they are up to date although I don't do any of that facetweeting malarkey!!
It's good to see that I can look at fixtures for the coming months so I can make my excuses not to attend well in advance. Seriously though I would like to catch up with members old and new and may try to get to one of the majors next year - invite permitting of course!!
I was aware of the sad departure of Tommy as Terry D did keep in touch for a time and was aware of the memorial competition you have but have not been able to attend due to holidays and other things - Anyway as I can now see you have a date in the diary for next year so will be adding this to my diary as I would be honoured to attend.
You'll be pleased to know that the intervening years have not diminished either my love for or ability to play golf - I will certainly be looking to update one of my more famous publications "short game form the planet w**k!" which sort of sums up my current ability!
Al the best to everyone in the society who has the misfortune to remember me and to everyone else it wasn't me - honest - Mark Hilton made do it!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Sweeney Todd
c/o Mark-e-Mark Productions
Deepest Shropshire

Last edited: 05/07/2021