The society will be known as the “ OAK TREE ROOT GOLF SOCIETY “ 

The Aims and Objectives of the society is to provide a friendly forum for members to meet and discuss general topics and to play competitive golf. 

The secretary will formulate a diary of matches and dates and present this to the AGM for acceptance or refusal by the membership, the diary will cover ALL society events. 
a)    The society will play throughout the year every two weeks to a “Medal “ format, these games will be on Sundays. 
b)    Within the Sunday games will be Matchplay competitions in the form of both Winter & Summer Knockouts, a draw will take place at a meeting to determine who is in which group, it will be a round robin format with the two players at the top of their respective groups going forward into the quarter finals. 
c)    The society will also play in “ Major “ competitions throughout the Summer, these are sponsored twenty seven 27 hole Stableford competitions with prizes. The cost of these competitions is £40.00 per member, We would be playing these games on premier courses. 
d)    The season will culminate with a “ Captain`s “ weekend, this is usually in September 
e)    Results of our previous games will be presented at all meetings. 

a)    The society will be limited to thirty 30 members who must be of sound character and reputation. This is subject to change by proposition and vote at the AGM. 
b)    New Members must apply via a present member and be proposed and seconded by present members. They must also present themselves to the AGM to be interviewed. 
c)    New members must play three 3 matches with either the society or present members of the society and provide evidence of their scores by means of score cards, this will enable the handicap committee to give them a suitable and appropriate handicap. 
d)    On acceptance into the society the new member will acquire full status as a member. 
e)    New members will be given a set of rules and details of expected behaviour whilst on society trips. 
f)    Membership of the society is for one year only for all members and runs from October 1st to September 30th each year. 
g)    An annual entrance fee of £10.00 per member is payable at the AGM. 
h)    Resignation from the society must be in writing and given to the society secretary. 

a)    For Full Members A weekly subscription of £2.50 must be paid by all members, this is on top of the cost of playing golf and the cost of competitions when we play.

b)   For Sunday Members  A weekly subscription of £1.00 must be paid by all members, this is on top of the cost of playing golf and the cost of competitions when we play

c)    At all of our games members will pay an extra £2.50 on top of the green fees to cover the Sweep, Nearest Pin and Twos competitions, this will rise to £5.00 per member on our “ Majors “ this is because we play twenty seven 27 holes on our major competitions. These are subject to annual review at our AGM. 

a)    Society meetings for all members will be held on the first 1st Monday of each month in the Gardeners Public House with a starting time of 8-30pm. 
b)    An Annual General Meeting AGM will be held on the first Monday in October, 
c)    At this meeting, ALL issues raised throughout the year will be discussed. 
d)    Proposed new members must be presented to the meeting. 
e)    Proposed rule changes will be discussed and changed if agreed by vote. Any proposed rule changes must be put in writing and given to the secretary at least seven 7 days prior to the AGM 
f)    Election of Officials for the coming year will take place at the AGM. 

a)    CAPTAIN,            The previous years Vice Captain is automatically elected as Captain.

b)    PRESIDENT               Elected Annually

c)    VICE CAPTAIN           Elected Annually 

d)    SECRETARY            Elected Annually 

e)    TREASURER            Elected Annually 

f)    HANDICAP COMMITTEE        Elected annually. 

These elected officials are the sole arbitrators in any dispute regarding society matters, all complaints or disputed issues must be put in writing and given to the Secretary. The issue will then be put to the committee and a decision will be made within seven 7 days. 

a)    Smart Casual attire must be worn at all times when playing with the society, the wearing of Jeans, Trainers, Collarless shirts, “ T “ Shirts is not allowed. 
b)    At dinner on our Major competitions , Jacket & Tie must be worn to comply with the rules in the golf clubs that we will be visiting. 

This must be adhered to at ALL times. 

A report on society finances will be presented annually to the AGM for perusal and approval. 

In the event of the dissolution of the society, the funds, assets and properties of the society shall be distributed as directed by the committee.

Last edited: 13/10/2019