Sunday 4th October

34 66

Winter League Round 1

At Whitefield Golf Club

Postcode M45 7EZ

Phone 0161 351 2709

Meeting Time 11am

1st Tee 11-30am

Last winter league visit 6th October 2019

Winner Stu Surples Nett 70

Runner Up Trevor Orrell Nett 74

Horseshoe Mike Lomax Nett 92

Society Winter League Records at Whitefield

Lowest Gross 79 Paul Molyneux 13th November 2016

Highest Gross 144 Martin Earlam 13th November 2016


Message to Players

Please note that in these exceptional circumstances, certain local rules and procedures are being implemented outside of normal rules of golf.

Please remember,at all times,to follow social distancing requirements when at the course and particularly in the club shop.

Golfers should only pick their own ball up
Mark your partner’s scorecard but do not swap cards
Your partner must not sign the card, but verbally check scores between you and agree

Course Covid rules

Standard rules of golf apply with the following modifications

2 metre social distancing at all times.


Stakes should not be removed. If your ball comes to rest near to a stake, but not in the penalty area, and is affecting your swing or stance then one club length relief should be taken no nearer the hole. 

Flag stick and hole

The flag stick or the hole cup should not be touched by hand. 

The ball should be removed from the hole using your club to lift the ball retrieval device and each ball should be removed individually.

A leaning flag can be straightened by your playing partner using a club whilst you putt. 


Rakes will not be provided. 

You can place a ball within 6 inches, from the point of rest, no nearer the hole without penalty. Please use your feet to try to level sand after playing a shot.


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