Taking Relief

Dropping a Ball in a Defined Relief Area

  • New dropping procedure: You must drop the ball from knee height.
  • Defined relief area: The ball needs to be dropped in and played from a single required relief area (whereas today, although you are required to drop a ball in one area, it can roll outside that area and the Rules may require it to be played from outside the area).
  • Longest club is used to measure the relief area: You use the longest club in your bag, other than a putter, to measure the relief area.

Lost Ball

  • Reduced time for ball search: A ball is lost if not found in three minutes (rather than the current five minutes) after you begin searching for it.


Embedded Ball

  • Relief for embedded ball in the general area: You may take relief if your ball is embedded anywhere (except in sand) in the general area (which is the new term for “through the green”), except where a Local Rule restricts relief to the fairway or similar areas (this reverses the default position in the current Rules).


Ball to Use in Taking Relief