February Meeting

A couple of "winter rules" were clarified at the meeting

1 Prefered Lies ON the fairway or closely mown area you have the option of picking up the ball (don't forget to mark the spot where your ball was) & cleaning it then placing it within 6 inch of your marker no nearer the hole, if the ball is NOT on the fairway.and you choose to clean the ball, the ball should be dropped from shoulder height

2 Water in bunkers, if your ball lands in a bunker that has casual water in it, then  you have the option of playing it as it lies or taking a free drop in the bunker, if the bunker is flooded you should drop behind the bunker taking a 1 shot penalty, unless the course has declared bunkers "out of play" or the bunker is marked as ground under repair

Trevor has managed to confirm nearly all the league games up to the end of the summer league, with just round 10 on 25th August to be sorted

FEB 24TH               SUN                       Frodsham                           10-00              Bacon Butty/Buggy/Meal   

MAR 10TH             SUN                       Davenport                            10-06              Bacon Butty   

MAR 24TH             SUNDAY              ANTROBUS PAIRS                10-30                                

APR 7TH                 SUN                       Breightmet                           11-00               Bacon Butty     

APR 12TH              FRIDAY                 HAZEL GROVE                                                                

 APR 21ST              SUN                       Garstang                             9-30                                        

MAY 5TH               SUN                       Mytton Fold                          10-00               Bacon Butty       

MAY 19TH              SUNDAY             WYCHWOOD PARK             10-00 & 2-00PM                               2 Buggies   

JUN 2ND                SUN                       Altrincham                             11-00                                       

JUN 16TH              SUN                       Malkins Bank                         10-10                                        

JUN 21ST               FRIDAY                 TURTON                                                                               

JUN 30TH              SUN                       Knights Grange                     10-00               Bacon Butty       

JUL 14TH                SUN                       Walmersley                          10-00               Bacon Butty       

JUL 19TH                 FRIDAY                LYMM                                                   

JUL 28TH                SUN                       Boysnope                            10-30           

AUG 11TH             SUN                       Hart Common                       10-30           

AUG 16TH             FRIDAY                 WORSLEY                                               

AUG 25TH             SUN                       North Manchester  or Davenport  or ???

SEPT 5TH               THURSDAY---- SUNDAY                       CAPTAIN`S WEEKEND     { LYTHAM  }      LINDUM HOTEL,     Courses,  Fairhaven,  North Shore,  Herons Reach,  Green Drive  

SEPT 21ST             SATURDAY          TOM ROBERTS MEMORIAL GOLF DAY            

Last edited: 05/07/2021